News from the RoboCup 2010

The first day of the RoboCup 2010 is gone, and we are almost sleeping.
The code has still some problems, and some of them are critical for having good behaviour.
The “joint” part is not completely tested, but we are quite confident we will have good matches.
The hot is damn “hot”! For those of you that were in Osaka or Suzhou, the weather is like that. I will say that it is hotter than Osaka, but with this humidity is almost impossible to breathe.

We will start the official competition on Monday, and that means we have still time to be better!
Our first test against Nao Devils was quite a mess: the behaviour was ok, but it has a critical bug preventing a good playing.
We fixed this, so next time we will play better, but they can fix bugs too…
BTW, do not worry, I believe we can made it.. LA VINCIAMO!!!!

Now, it is time to go to bed… but stay tuned for another update tomorrow (if I will survive to the humidity…)
AH! For those of you are eager to know the results, point your browser here
Let’s go win SPQR!