Google un-censor China

It seems Google finally discovered the hot water, and taken a new approach to China.
Well done! Yeah, as an activist at Amnesty International, and idealistic person, I’m very happy about this decision.
Of course, who dare to not be happy? But, reading twice this piece of news a question arises.
Where was Google in the past years? With its head under the sand? Maybe they were blind by the shining of waving things…
Human rights are denied all over the world. China is one of the top-most repressive free speech: people are tortured, the justice is unfair, there are arbitrary arrests and detentions.
Suddenly, Google is attacked by Chinese hacker and they discover that, maybe, something is wrong. Because of this accident, they are reconsidering their approach to China. Fine. “Not to be evil”, is your motto, and finally you understand that was bad bow your head for the Chinese money. Now, you have the opportunity to show to the world that the change is possible.
Please, do not stop by just this episode. Keep opening the Internet, everywhere. Keep the free speech, well, FREE!

And then, we will forgive you this late second thoughts…

RoboCup 2008 – The never ending story

Again, in China?

Dear all,
We are currently in forward-moving negotiations with the Suzhou LOC and feel hopeful that an agreement will be reached to keep RoboCup 2008 in Suzhou, China during the planned dates (July 13-20, 2008).
Please do NOT change your travel plans or airline tickets. A final resolution will be issued by coming Friday or earlier.

Today is Friday, it is still uncertain, but this time it seems pretty sure it will be there, again.

I don’t mind about the location, but please, please take a decision!

China Trip

Today is an amazing day: I bought a Lonely Planet China!

Lonely Planet China
© Lonely Planet

Yeah, just buy a book it is not a good reason to be happy, but it means that I’m planning to visit China.

Like every year, next July I will partecipate to the RoboCup competitions, and after a week of hard work I will take a small trip with my friends. Are you wondering where? But in China of course!

To be honest I’m a little bit worried about what Chinese government are doing: they are killing Tibetan monk manifesting for their freedom. I’m very upset about any human rights violation (I’m a member of Amnesty International).
China is not an exception. Moreover with the Olympic Games held in Beijing, it seemed that something should have changed. I guess China is loosing opportunity to change the world.

This trip will the occasion to explore a small part of an ancient culture, which nothing have to do with current Government. It is a pity that they have such a awful behavior.
I will go there for the ancient culture and not for what China is now. And I’m sure that chinese people are not the same. In the future I hope they will understand how to tolerate and respect life of human beings.


For those that don’t know what CatchImprò is, they want to read this (Italian here).
CatchImprò is the name of a kind of Improvisational theatre, that start played just last year in Italy.

Amnesty International Campaign for Defense of Human Rights China

Next Febrary 9th, a show will be hold in my hometown.
I’m an active member of local Amnesty International group (here you can find our website. Try to guess who is the webmaster :) ) and we organized such event related to Amnesty International Campaign to promote defense of Human Rights in China.

I was charged to design the poster of manifestation and here it is the result:
Click here to see it