A week (left) in Belfast

An entire month is passed and no more news from Belfast. The fact is that until yesterday, I was actively working (more or less) on the reason why I’m here.

I was able to pack a little demo that show the base architecture I did and now I can relax on my last week in Belfast. I have to complete the documentation, you know, otherwise nobody will understand my code, but, there is time for that. (BTW, the source code and the description of the project will be available soon here).

Northern Ireland is a great country. I really like it. I call it “Northern Ireland”, because it’s Ireland, but it’s United Kingdom, too. People that have been both in UK and IE say that the countries and people are quite different. British tend to be more cold than Irish, and student are absolutely rude with professor.

To me, it seems to live in PleasentVille (do you remember it?) People are very kind and they are so polite and helpful that is a pleasure to have troubles here (beware: not Troubles!). There is always a smile in their face, and it is impossible to not love them!

There are many inconsistencies. For some aspects it is very well-advanced. All the buildings are wheelchair accessible (and I mean every) and the medical care is free for everybody. Which is great, but it is a non-sense: the medicines and doctor are paid by the Government, that uses money from taxes. So, what is free, in reality it is not. The technology, on the contrary is not as advanced as UK. The recycling system just works, but the heating system burns oil. Seriously. Simply there is not any gas methane here. And everybody loves their car. Even in the remote village of very Northern Ireland you can find many big cars that sucks petrol and smokes the air.

In this case, however, this country is lucky: it rains every week (you can count on it) and the air is always fresh. When I first arrived here, I felt cold, but now, there are 15° and I am in short and t-shirt. And of course, the grass is green. And cut perfectly. Even the smallest garden is perfectly cut, at the University campus the grass is cut once a week, and they even collect the rubbish.

It’s almost a pity I already (will) have a job, otherwise, who knows…